The Demise of the Boojum

16 April 1944

On 12 April 1944, we were flying in formation over Bad Voslau, Austria. Our plane was the #4 ship in fox (6th) flight and Lieutenant Meyers was flying ship #292 (Boojum), in fox 3, to our left front.

Just after releasing our bombs on the target, our flight was attached by over twenty (20) enemy fighters, who made successive attacks and who closed within 100 yards. Just a few minutes later, a large shell or rocket was observed to strike Lieutenant Meyers' plane and one engine was seen to be smoking badly. Almost immediately, one other engine was seen to flame and then one entire wing was ablaze. Lieutenant Meyers' ship pulled up and away from the formation to the left and ten (10) men were seen to parachute out. All parachutes opened. Just about the time the last man was seen to parachute out, his airplane was seen to head straight down toward the target, blazing all over. It soon passed from sight.

Norman O. Grimm, 1st Lt. A. C.      Kenneth O. Couch, 2nd Lt. A. C.